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My first bake sale


My new found hobby…. baking cupcakes… inspired by my mom and her sister Deepika who owns a blog too The Love Of Cakes , i thought of baking all alone… with little help from mom like putting in oven and all.

So after 2-3 successful attempts I decided to go for a fall bake sale. My mom loves cinnamon almond cupcake, and who doesn’t love the fragrance of cinnamon in fall, so that was one flavor I chose. My friends love chocolate chip cupcakes so that was the second choice.

I ended up baking 44 cupcakes, with anyone at home helping me. My dadu dadi are visiting us so they also contributed.

Dad had bought me a cupcake game set which had cupcake stands, wrappers and receipts. All set i invited all friends and neighbors.

It was so much fun and everyone loved my cupcakes. I sold all but 6 of them. My friends also helped me shout out for selling my cupcakes.

Will plan something new for the next time 🙂