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Close to Nature.. Jim Corbett


9th Jul 2011

Mom & Dad need a break… so off we goto Jim Corbett.. yuppie… I am taking Appu along.. He’s my buddy..

7hrs drive… phew tired…

We stayed at The Den… Its rainy season so the jungle gates are almost closed… but we got a chance for an Elephant safari…. Oh God.. the elephant was so big.. 10 feet.. I had never seen it so close.. and Dad says we have to sit on it.. no way… im terrified… But finally Mom & dad convinced me to sit on it… I was clinged to daddy throughout the safari… We went deep into the jungle.. but no luck of the tiger… we just saw a few Sambars…. But the forest was so full and green… tall trees falling on us.. and the elephant making his way though the jungle… it was so much fun.. so close to the Nature…. The Mahawat also plucked some Jamuns and gave me to eat.. I wanted them more but Stupid monkeys had eaten them all… I also saw some deers at night and we also saw a peacock on our way…..

We decided to goto Nainital the next day…….. the lake was beautiful.. it was drizzling so mom bought me an umbrella.. I know it was small but easy for me to hold….. J im looking cute with it… so we spent the next day in our Hotel facing the lake sitting in the balcony… and yea how can I forget the restaurant we had food.. all 3 meals.. sakleys… yummy… pasta, herbed chicken, kungpao  chicken, and the best of all the desserts——– brownie, lemon tart, blueberry mouse, truffles.. we had all………

Back to home on 11th Jul 011. It was really a fun trip….Looking for more such trips…

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