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Guest Post: By Deepika (My Dost)


Naaisha Mahajan aka Tookie….

Our little princess <3<3

This little Einstein of ours, is so curious and inquisitive of anything and everything that exists around her. That little head of hers harbors a BIG BRAIN which can assimilate any amount of information, hence her never-ending questions that can surprise anyone  😉

Little things catch the attention of her big gleaming eyes…And its so much fun to be able to answer them for her. Because one leads to the other and to another till we run out of answers 😛

That’s why when I saw this advertisement in Delhi times the other day…I couldn’t help myself imagining Happy Singh to be Sakshi didi and that curious boy to be Tookie…Because this is exactly how a conversation between Sakshi didi and Tookie ends 😛

On top of that, the add belongs to Mothers Pride, the school where Tookie is being brought up in…I couldn’t stop laughing and I so wanted to share it here with everyone 🙂 So that when she grows up, she knows how much fun we have had to see those innocent curious expressions in her eyes  🙂


Deepu Dost